Hi, I’m Peter owner of Mountain Peak Scripts.

A little background: Like most people, when still a child, I had some ideas of what I would like to do with my adult life. However, when the time came, all were negated by the demands of life (I am not going to bore you with details). Consequently, I ended up having little idea of which direction my life could realistically take. For a while I worked in the retail and hotel business but found little satisfaction in them. Subsequently I moved into logistics and legal projects. Thereafter, I was involved in: deciding software system requirements; assisting with the software design; testing prototypes to destruction; and assisting users with the new systems when they went live.

My interests: I enjoy reading and writing and of course, watching films. Naturally, otherwise I wouldn’t be here, I am interested in screenwriting but so far, due to heavy demands upon my time, have not published anything. Nevertheless, I continue to take an interest and to study the screenwriting art.

Mountain Peak Scripts: I am determined to eventually produce some scripts and in fact, have many projects in mind (and a collection of scribbled notes). In preparation and so as to be able to share with likeminded people, I established Mountain Peak Scripts.com.

I look forward to sharing with you.

Peter Roberts