Hi and Welcome to Mountain Peak Scripts.


This website has been established for three primary purposes:

  1. Notification of new scripts when available. (Due to a number of factors there will be an unavoidable delay in producing them.)
  2. Sharing ideas, tips and thoughts pertaining to the screenwriting craft.
  3. Publishing reviews of books related to screenwriting; films and television productions.

As already intimated time is an issue consequently, frequency of posting in the site will be a little haphazard though it is hoped a weekly visit may be accommodated.

In essence this will be a journey of screenwriting discovery which it is hoped you will join. It is also hoped you will find what is shared of interest and help as well as educational.

Should you have any questions please feel free to utilise the contact page of this blog. Please be aware it may take a week to ten days before you receive a response.

Updated 8 October 2019